Start em sit em: Strategic Moves for Fantasy Football Success

Introduction to Start em sit em

In fantasy football, making the right call on who to ‘start’ and who to ‘sit’ each week can be the difference between victory and defeat. The start em sit em strategy involves analysing matchups, player form, and other critical factors to optimise your lineup for the best possible outcome.

Understanding Player Matchups

Assessing Opponent Strength

One key aspect of this strategy is evaluating the strength of the player’s opponents. A strong offensive player facing a weak defence is likelier to score higher points. For instance, a quarterback facing a team with a poor pass defence is a potential candidate for your ‘start’ list.

Home and Away Impacts

Consider the venue of the game. Some players perform exceptionally well at home but might struggle on the road. This home-field advantage can heavily influence your start/sit decisions.

Analysing Player Form and Trends

Recent Performance

Always check recent performances. Regardless of their overall ranking, a player on a hot streak can be a valuable asset. Conversely, a top-ranked player going through a slump might be better off on your ‘sit’ list.

Injuries and Player Fitness

Keep an eye on injury reports. Even minor injuries can significantly impact a player’s performance. Additionally, monitor how much rest players have had recently. A well-rested player is often more likely to perform well.

Utilising Expert Advice and Statistics

Leveraging Expert Analysis

While your analysis is crucial, don’t ignore expert opinions. Websites, podcasts, and fantasy football analysts can provide valuable insights influencing your decision-making process.

Statistical Analysis

Utilise available statistics to make informed decisions. Look at the basic stats like yards gained or touchdowns and advanced metrics like target shares, yards after contact, and more.

Timing Your Decisions

Monitoring Last-Minute Changes

Be prepared to make last-minute changes. Player status can change due to late injuries or personal reasons, so staying updated until the last moment is vital.

Understanding Bye Weeks

Keep track of bye weeks. Starting a player on their bye week is a common mistake that can be easily avoided with proper planning.

Balancing Risk and Reward

High-Risk, High-Reward Players

Sometimes, taking a risk on a player with high potential but inconsistent performance can pay off, especially if you must catch up in your fantasy league.

Consistency Over Flashes of Brilliance

However, consistently good players are often safer than those who have had one or two exceptional games.


In conclusion, the start em sit em strategy is a dynamic and intricate part of fantasy football that requires careful analysis, up-to-date information, and, sometimes, intuition. You can maximise your chances of fantasy football glory by understanding matchups and player trends and leveraging expert advice while staying flexible and informed.

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